Home and Auto

A policy from CUMIS Insurance is truly unique as it offers you our innovative Claims Guarantee that allows you to speak with us about your claims openly, without penalty.


Benefits of the guarantee include:

  • 24-hour, 7-days-a-week claims service
  • No premium increases for client-paid claims
  • Free claims advocacy
  • Access to our claims appeal process
  • Preferred repair and replacement contractors with guaranteed service
  • Free additional advice and expertise for incidents that are not covered.
  • Some Conditions apply.  For full details, please visit www.cumis.com




Quality since 1986


The CUMIS Insurance program has been delivering quality insurance programs since 1986.  We belive that compassion, understanding and trust are guiding principles toward forging strong and enduring relationships with credit union members.  Our insurance representatives take a personal and professional interest in making sure you have access to coverage that is ideally suited to your needs.  You are a good driver and responsible homeowner.  As a credit union member, don't pay more than you have to.


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