At your credit union, we understand the important role that young people play in our community. That's why we want to provide young adults with the same options and opportunities as everyone else. If you are a highly motivated young adult who is looking for success and willing to volunteer, we would love for you to consider serving on our Board of Directors, which meets once a month to make important decisions for your credit union. If you're unsure about the benefits of such a task, here are some ways that serving on the Board of Directors can serve you:


Have you ever been discouraged because you have an innovative idea that you can't put into practice? Have you ever wished you could have more responsibility and prove to your elders that young people should be taken more seriously? If so, serving on the Board of Directors at your local credit union may be for you. Even though people who have lived longer than you might have more experience, this doesn't mean that your ideas and perspective aren't valuable. At your credit union, we know that young people have innovative ideas too and that they should be taken seriously. That's why we allow any credit union member over 18 to volunteer to serve on the Board of Directors. Joining a Board of Directors is an ideal way to put your ideas into practice and to become a leader in your community.


No matter what field of work you're interested in, experience is always beneficial. Experience allows you to increase the appeal of your resume and can lead to better career opportunities, whether you're still looking for a job or already have one. Serving on the Board of Directors would provide unparallel experience and access to training that would not otherwise be available. For someone interested in starting their own business or looking to land a corporate job, what better way to gain experience and knowledge of business and finance than serving on the Board of Directors for a progressive and dynamic financial institution? By serving on the board, you would also gain practical knowledge that you could use for the rest of your career and life.


Networking isn't only for people in business. Networking is essential for anyone looking to have a successful career since it can lead to great opportunities and jobs. Serving on the Board of Directors would provide the opportunity to hone your networking skills and to work with established people who also serve on the board. It would provide the unique opportunity to meet and learn from successful and knowledgeable professionals that could provide you with invaluable advice. Between the networking you would be doing and the experience you would be gaining, serving on the Board of Directors would raise your public profile. A higher public profile would allow you to create even more opportunities for yourself and to find other ways to contribute to your community.


How many 20-somethings get to say they serve on the Board of Directors for a multi-million dollar organization? If you meet the following requirements and want the chance to be one of the elite few, email us to find out more about how you can take advantage of this unique opportunity.

To serve on the Board of Directors, you must be:

A Canadian citizen, 18 years of age or older, an owner of your credit union, someone who acts as an individual owner (not on behalf of a company/organization) and someone who satisfies the requirements set out in the by-laws of the credit union.

You may not apply to serve if you are a person who:

  1. is an employee of a credit union, credit union central or the Credit Union Deposit Insurance     Corporation.
  2. is a director of another credit union.
  3. is a professional advisor to a credit union.
  4. has a loan more than six months in arrears.
  5. has the status of bankrupt.
  6. has been convicted within the previous five years of an offence related to the qualifications and duties of a director, including but not limited to fraud.



Contact the Chair of the Nomination Committee through the General Manager in branch to get started.