Merchant Program

Whatever your business needs, [credit union name] can help. Whether you’re in the business of selling "big-ticket" items or your sales volumes are what drive your bottom line, we have the merchant program for you.

Our Merchant Program allows MasterCard®, Visa®, Interac® Direct Payment, and other credit cards such as AMEX® and Diners Club® transactions. Have your sales accumulate in your current account instead of your cash drawer. With our electronic terminal accepting multiple methods of payment, you save time and money.


Enhance your customer service by providing a greater choice of payment options with Interac Direct Payment service. Plus, Interac provides a safe, convenient and quick method of deposit to your current account. One terminal can process Direct Payment.


Looking to keep your manual credit card imprinter but still want the convenience of automatic deposits into your account? MerchantLink may be for you. This voice response system gives you access to over-the-phone authorization of MasterCard purchases and then deposits them into your account.

We can tailor a merchant program to suit your individual business needs.