At your Souris Credit Union, we offer a full range of financial services to meet all our members' needs. From everyday transactions to services that you may only need once in a while, we strive to be the best at what our members need the most.

Using these services on a monthly basis?
If you find yourself using money orders, drafts or other Specialty Payments at least once a month, an UltraFlex Spending Account could save you money. Learn more about the UltraFlex Spending Account here.

Specialty Payments

Bank Draft: Canadian $7.50
Bank Draft: US $7.50
Bank Draft: Other $10.00
Request for Refund or Replacement of Lost/Stolen Canadian Bank Draft $20.00
Money Order: Canadian $7.50
Request for Refund or Replacement of Lost/Stolen Canadian Money Order $20.00
Certified cheque: Member $15.00
Certified cheque: Non-member $20.00
Electronic Funds Transfers less than $10,000 to all other FIs $20.00
Incoming wire transfer payment from another financial institution $15.00
Wire transfers - Canadian  $35.00
Wire transfers – Outside Canada $50.00
Non-member cashing a CU cheque  $3.00

Additional Information Requests

Statement: Duplicate in Branch Statement $4.00
Voucher Search < 90 days $10.00
Voucher Search > 90 days : $35.00/Hour/Employee Min. $20.00
Reference Letter: Bank Confirmation for Audit Purposes $35.00
Charge to Mail an Advice of Deposit/Adjustment $2.50
Personalized Letters Provided at Member’s Request: Interest Letters, Account Balances, etc. $16.50

Additional Services for Accounts

Account Closed within 90 Days of Opening $20.00
Balance of Account Transfer (BOA) $25.00
Charge Back $7.00
Cheque Drawn on Non-Spending Account $5.00
Counter Stock Cheques (6) $3.00
Counter Stock Cheques (12) $5.00
Deposit of non-encoded cheque $5.00
Rejected Clearing Item $5.00
Inactive Account: 10 years $25.00
Inactive Account: 2 years $25.00
Inactive Account: 5 years $25.00
NSF cheque/AFT/Pre-Authorized $25.00
Replace Lost Credit Union Debit Card $5.00
Returned Item Business Account $7.00
Transfer non-Registered Account to Another Financial Institution $20.00
Stop Payment: Online $10.00
Stop Payment: Full Details $12.50
Stop Payment: Partial Details $17.50
Telephone Request to Transfer Funds $5.00
U.S. Cheque Drawn on Canadian Account $15.00
Reprocess a U.S. dollar Cheque Deposited to a Canadian Dollar Account $15.00
Utility Bill Payments: Members $1.50
Utility Bill Payments: Non-Members $3.00
Bill Payment Trace/Refund/Reject $15.00
Business Deposit Book $2.00

Additional Services for Registered Products

Registered Withdrawal $25.00
Registered Transfer to a Credit Union Outside Atlantic Canada $50.00
Registered Transfer to Another Financial Institution $75.00

Additional Services for Loans and Mortgages

Interest Only or Loan Extension $15.00
Preparing Loan Interest Form $10.00

Safety Deposit Boxes

Sizes vary by branch. Please contact your nearest branch for available sizes and pricing.
Lost Key (Safety Deposit Box) $55.00
Drilling of Safety Deposit Box and Replacement of Keys  Starting at $350.00 


Certain services are not available at all branch locations. Additional charges may apply for services not referenced on this page.

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