Online Banking


Your bank accounts can never be too safe.  For added protection we've added a feature that automatically sends you an email and/or text message to your mobile device and/or computer to alert you of certain changes to your account made through online banking.  You can contact us if the changes need to be addressed. 

Remember, anytime you suspect that your account information has been compromised, report it to us immediately and always remember to review your account statements.

Choose to receive any or all of these five Alerts:

  1. New Bill Payee Added - You will receive an alert when a new bill payee has been added to your account through online banking.
  2. Enhanced Personal Message- You will receive an alert to notify you of a personal online banking message (MemberDirect Intergrated only).
  3. Incorrect Personal Access Code (Account Locked)-You will receive an alert when your online banking account has been locked after the maximum number of failed attempts to input your Personal Access Code.
  4. Personal Access Code Changed-You will receive an alert when your Personal Access Code has been changed through online banking.
  5. Incorrect Personal Access Answers (account locked)-You will receive an alert when your online banking account has been locked after the maximum number of failed attempts to answer your Personal Access Question.

Important: If you receive one of the above messages and you did not attempt to access your account please notify us immediately - your account information may be compromised.

By email, text message or both

You can receive alerts through test messages and/or email messages to your mobile device and/or computer so remember to check your phone and/or email regularly.  Alerts are only available for activities performed through your credit union online banking or through mobile banking with Smart phones.  Alerts will not be sent if changes ar made through telephone banking or at the branch.

No Fee

There is no sign-up fee or credit union fee to receive alerts however; your wireless carrier may charge you for receiving text messages and for data usage.  Please check with your wireless carrier for details about your account package.

How to set up alerts:

  1. Sign-in to your online banking account.
  2. Go to "Messages and Alerts"
  3. Under "Alerts" you can chose the Alerts you would like to recieve- any or all. (You can also turn off or change you Alert choices here.)

Under "Alerts Contacts" enter the email address and/or the mobile phone number where you would like to receive your Alers. (our privacy code ensures that your personal information will remail secure)   

MEMBERDIRECT Online Access. Allows owners instant access to their accounts anytime, anywhere.

  • Available on both personal and business accounts
  • Convenient, internet access at home or office
  • 24-hour access, 7 days a week
  • Quick, Easy - arrange by phone
  • Obtain information and complete transactions even when branch is closed
  • Secure with PAC and high level of encryption
  • Technical support line 1-888-CREDIT-U


  • Balance inquiries
  • Bill payments - immediate and future dated
  • Inter-owner account transfers
  • Transfer funds to another financial institution through Hyper-Wallet
  • Access Mutual Funds
  • Order Cheques
  • Change Address
  • View and print statement of account (up to 1 year or 200 transactions)
  • View rates and much more