Mobile Banking Comparison


 Available Functions

Deposit Anywhere™   
 View Account Balances

 View Account Activity




(Past 5 transactions)

 Pay Bills (Immediate)


 Pay Bills (Future-Dated)


 Transfers Funds (Immediate)


 Transfer Funds (Future Dated)

 View and delete scheduled bill payments and transfers

 Find a Branch or ATM

 Find nearest Branch or ATM to current position

 Rates information


Financial Calculators

 Memorized Accounts

 Contact your Credit Union


 Privacy and Legal terms

 User Input Method Graphical User Interface: Touch Graphical User Interface: Click and/or TouchWord Commands sent through Short Messages Service (SMS) (a.k.a. Text Messages)
 Compatible Phones

iOS Devices including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch running iOS6.0 or greater.
Android devices running Android 4.0 or higher.

 Any mobile phone with internet access. Works best on smart phones including iPhone, Android, Blackberry. 
Any mobile phone with Text messaging capabilities.
 Access Point

Installed App

Built in mobile internet browser 
Text messaging service
 Service required by cellular network provider to access Mobile Banking  Data plan  Data plan Text messaging
 Setup required Download and install the app from iTunes or Play Store. Log in using your online banking credentials. None. Visit the mobile web site and log in using your online banking login credentials.

 Mobile Phone must be assigned to your account through Online Banking prior to use. This is done by registering your mobile phone number to your account under the mobile banking section of online banking.

 Number of Owner accounts a phone can access Unlimited  Unlimited One
 Maximum Number of Assigned Mobile Phones per Owner account Unlimited  Unlimited Two Mobile Phones (by phone number)
 Access Maintenance

Performed online using the device or remotely through a computer

 Performed online via mobile phone Performed online via computer, certain functions can be performed from the phone via text messages


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